Reporter Guinivere Jones has a shell of a problem

When investigative reporter Guinivere Jones finds herself out of a husband and a job, she decides to leave dreary New England and move to sunny Sanibel Island, Florida, the seashell capital of the United States. But all is not sunshine and seashells on Sanibel. And when the star attraction of the annual Shell Show, a rare shell known as the Golden Junonia, goes missing, and Guin stumbles across the dead body of the chief suspect a few days later, she is determined to find the missing mollusk and the murderer. Along the way, she finds buckets of shells and suspects—and a little romance, too.

The first book in the Sanibel Island Mystery series, A Shell of a Problem introduces readers to Guinivere Jones, ace reporter for the Sanibel-Captiva Sun-Times, her two faithful feline companions, Flora and Fauna, the beautiful island of Sanibel, and a host of memorable characters.

When reporter Guin Jones’s ex suddenly shows up on Sanibel, she knows there’s something fishy going on

It’s been nine months since Guin moved from cold, gray New England to warm, sunny Sanibel—and she’s never been happier. She has a great new job, working for the local paper; a great new beau, a sexy marine biologist; and a great little apartment, just minutes from the beach. Even her two cats love it on Sanibel. Everything has been going great for Guin (except maybe finding that dead body, but she found the killer and turned it into a killer story)… until her ex-husband, Art, shows up.

Within 24 hours of his arrival for a fishing trip and sales conference, Art becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of his rival. And it’s going to take all of Guin’s wits to keep him out of jail—and out of her bedroom. Can she do it?

The second book in the Sanibel Island Mystery series, Something Fishy once again features intrepid reporter Guinivere Jones; her sometime nemesis, Detective William O’Loughlin; her best friend, Shelly; her marine biologist beau, Dr. Harrison “Harry Heartthrob” Hartwick; and her two loyal feline companions, Flora and Fauna—along with several new characters sure to delight.

When reporter Guinivere Jones went looking for her dream home, a dead body was definitely not on her must-have list

It's been over a year since her divorce and Guin has found true happiness on Sanibel, the seashell capital of the United States. She has a great job, working as a reporter for the local paper; a great beau, a marine biologist who was once voted one of the sexiest men in Southwest Florida; and good friends. Now all she wants is a little cottage near the beach to call home. Is that so much to ask for?

However, finding the perfect beach house has proven to be a much bigger challenge than Guin had expected. And now she's not just hunting for a home but a killer too.

The third book in the Sanibel Island Mystery series, In the Market for Murder once again features fearless reporter Guinivere Jones, her sometime nemesis, Det. William "Bill" O'Loughlin, her best friend, Shelly, and her two mostly loyal feline companions, Flora and Fauna, along with a host of other memorable characters and places.

Everyone loves nature photographer "Birdy" McMurtry. Except for the person trying to kill him. Can Guin find out who's trying to shoot him before it's too late?

Someone on Sanibel is trying to kill world-renowned nature photographer Bertram "Birdy" McMurtry, the Indiana Jones of ornithologists. Will they succeed? It's up to reporter and amateur sleuth Guinivere Jones to stop them before they do.

The fourth book in the Sanibel Island Mystery series, Bye Bye Birdy takes readers back to sunny, shell- and bird-filled Sanibel Island, Florida, and follows local reporter Guin Jones as she tries to prevent another murder.

Filled with beloved characters from the first three books—including Guin’s best friend, Shelly; her partner in crime solving, Craig; her devoted beau, Dr. Harrison Hartwick; her demanding felines, Flora and Fauna; and her favorite sparring partner, Detective William O’Loughlin—as well as interesting new ones, Bye Bye Birdy is sure to entertain cozy mystery and Sanibel lovers.

Is the perfect shell worth dying for? Reporter Guin Jones is out to find the answer, before someone gets conked.

When a dead body is found on one of Sanibel’s beaches, clutching a rare Scotch bonnet shell, everyone is shell shocked. Can reporter Guinivere Jones solve the mystery of the murdered beachcomber before another shell-seeker gets hurt?

The fifth book in the Sanibel Island Mystery series, Shell Shocked takes readers back to sunny Sanibel Island, Florida, where everyone, including Guin and her best friend Shelly, is preparing for the world-famous Sanibel Shell Festival. To honor its designation as the Seashell Capital of the United States, the City has commissioned a magnificent shell sculpture, to be unveiled on the eve of the show.

However, things start to go horribly wrong as the sculpture nears completion, putting the project and those working on it in peril. And Guin finds herself once again butting heads (and more) with Sanibel Detective William O’Loughlin. Will she be able to break the story before it’s too late?

A page-turner that will leave you guessing who done it until the end, Shell Shocked will entertain and thrill Sanibel and cozy mystery lovers alike.

There's trouble in paradise when Guin's dream home and personal life become a nightmare and she becomes the prime suspect in a murder case

When the builder she threatened to get rid of is found dead in her unfinished home, reporter Guinivere Jones becomes the prime suspect. Can she find out who really killed the crooked contractor before she becomes the lead story?

The sixth book in the bestselling Sanibel Island Mystery series, Trouble in Paradise takes readers back to Sanibel Island, Florida, where all is not so sunny and clear, and features a cast of memorable characters, including Guin’s on-again, off-again love interest, Det. William O’Loughlin, along with a bucketful of seashells and suspects.

Whether you are a Sanibel lover, a fan of cozy mysteries, or are looking for a fun, fast read, Trouble in Paradise will captivate and leave you guessing who done it until the end.

A wedding to die for?

When an old friend asks reporter Guinivere Jones for her help, saying it’s a matter of life or death, she reluctantly agrees. But when strange things start happening, Guin wonders if it’s worth risking her own life, as well as her heart.

Book seven in the bestselling Sanibel Island Mystery series, A Perilous Proposal takes readers back to sunny Sanibel Island, Florida, where a much-talked-about wedding is about to take place, and features characters readers have come to love, including investigative journalist Guinivere Jones, stoic Sanibel Detective William O’Loughlin, Guin’s best friend and fellow beachcomber Shelly, and some blasts from the past.

Whether you are a fan of cozy mysteries, love Sanibel, or simply enjoy a good romantic comedy, you will say “I do” to A Perilous Proposal.

Was it suicide or murder?

When a local big shot is found dead in a locked car with a painted shell in his pocket bearing an ominous warning, it’s up to Guinivere Jones, intrepid reporter and amateur sleuth, to determine the true cause of death.

Book eight in the Sanibel Island Mystery series, For Whom the Shell Tolls takes readers on the hunt for a buried treasure—and a possible murderer—and combines mystery, romance, and seashells in an irresistible read.

Where to Buy

The Sanibel Island Mystery series is available in paperback, as an ebook, and as an audiobook on Amazon. You can also find the paperback editions at MacIntosh Books (which will ship books anywhere in the U.S.), Bailey's General Store, and Gene's Books on Sanibel; at the Captiva Provision Company on Captiva (at the South Seas Island Resort); at Annette's Book Nook in Fort Myers Beach; and at select bookstores around the U.S., as well as on and Barnes & Noble Online.

Want your bookstore or library to carry the Sanibel Island Mystery series? Ask them to order the books via Ingram.

Praise for the Sanibel Island Mystery series

"A great read. I couldn't put it down."

"Being a Sanibel Island lover, I now have another favorite author. Thank you, Jennifer."

"A great 'toes in the sand' mystery"

"Such fun, particularly if you already love Sanibel and Captiva Islands. The serious shellers appreciate the elusive nature of the junonia and who doesn't love a story full of perfectly drawn friends and neighbors?"
—Julia C.

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"This engaging mystery makes a great vacation beach read!"

"A cute and clever reporter meets up with some shady characters (and some potentially romantic ones) in this fast paced novel. I can’t wait to see which characters become the focus of the next book in the Sanibel Island Mystery series!"
—Amanda W.

About the Author

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff is an award-winning writer and the author of the bestselling Sanibel Island Mystery series and the standalone novel Tinder Fella. Born and raised in New York City, Jennifer discovered Sanibel later in life and immediately fell in love with the island--the shells, birds, and people. As happens with so many people who visit Sanibel, Jennifer wound up spending more and more time there, eventually buying a home. And when a friend suggested she write a book, Jennifer decided to write a mystery set in one of her favorite places: Sanibel. That book, A Shell of a Problem, was an instant success. And Jennifer went on to write seven more mysteries featuring reporter Guinivere Jones, all of them set on Sanibel.

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